Meet the seals - and take one home


These images of grey seals have been collected over many years while spending weeks with them along remote coasts in the Highlands. They can be yours to enjoy as well, and they make excellent gifts at any time of year for anyone of any age. Personally I prefer metal prints as they are laser etched onto glossy aluminium, the colours have a depth you can feel, the prints are resilient, the colours never fade and they look as vibrant on your wall as they do here on the webpage.

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This was a special moment, something I will always cherish. The newborn pup had been sleeping and just woke up. I was the first human being he had ever seen and you can see it in his eyes. I call it First Contact.

This grey seal pup had shed most of her white baby fur, and here she is blowing bubbles in the ocean just before taking the plunge for her first swim in the sea.

This grey seal pup came along the shore with a curious wonder in his eyes to spend some time with me. We made good friends, and I often wonder where he is now.

Whenever this pup felt threatened when his mom was away at sea hunting fish, he would come over beside me and we would chat for ages. There is no fear in his eyes, only peace.

What beautiful and majestic creatures grey seals are. Our coasts are the most dangerous and intimidating environments on earth, and yet it is where they call home.

What wonderful fur coats these seal pups have to keep them warm even in winter snow. This adventurous pup had just come ashore after exploring a small rock pool and was still wet.

It was a bit of a cold day with a nasty gale howling in off the ocean, and Snowy here was sheltering behind a rock. She was nice and cosy, and you can see she is losing her white baby fur.

This newborn had such adorable puppy eyes.